NITTAI Co., Ltd.


NITTAI Co., Ltd. started out manufacturing and marketing fireproof bricks in 1936.

NITTAI is a comprehensive manufacturer of exterior cladding and floor tiles, etc., which is highly recognized for its product strength through a wide range of exterior tiles, bricks, recycled building materials, and stone to meet the many needs of the market, and for its development strength in producing high-quality products.

The phrase “a person’s growth depends on their environment” is often used. In this regard, a residence reflects the temperament of the people who live there, and, inversely, a residence can also control the lives of people. There is a reason why natural materials, with their reassuring influence, have continued to enjoy wide use in construction for so long.

Clay – a material formed by nature. That material has been used to form buildings, which have accumulated to form towns.
That material of limitless possibilities has the power to improve the environments of the people who live in there.
With this kind of thinking, NITTAI has pursued the development of tiles that fully utilize the inherent merits of clay.

Facing the future, NITTAI will continue to operate as a tile manufacturer with concern for the global environment, pursuing the development of environmentally-friendly recycled products and the early achievement of our zero-emission goal.

Philosophy of NITTAI

NITTAI began some 80 years ago in the ceramics-manufacturing town of Tokoname. Since then, by developing new products with our independent product-development capabilities and by penetrating the market through our own sales network, we have grown our business and continually sought to contribute to society.

Although the company started business manufacturing fireproof bricks for construction of furnaces, our core business is now the manufacture and marketing of wet exterior cladding materials and floor tiles. To supplement the tiles we manufacture ourselves, we obtain goods from partner factories within Japan and actively incorporate products from Italy (the world’s leading tile-manufacturing country) and other countries into our brand, thereby establishing a system that enables us to present total solutions for exterior cladding and floor tiling. Going forward, it is our aim to establish new product lines with an even more flexible mindset, expanding our vision to other tile-related materials.

Moreover, in terms of marketing, we are taking the lead over our competitors and engaging in direct-to-consumer sale of our brand products. Building out from our bases of operation in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka, we are expanding our operations throughout Japan. Furthermore, we are engaged in the exchange of information in settings closer to end users, and based on information from designers, builders and residents, we are developing new products for which there is a real need, to meet the expectations of our customers.

President and managing director
Masayuki Mizuno