NITTAI Co., Ltd.

Company's history

1936 Yamamotogumi Fire-Proof Plant was established in Tokoname city,Aichi prefecture,and the production of
fire-proof bricks began.
1939 Yamamoto Fire-Proof Industry co. was established.
1944 The name was changed to Nippon Fire-Proof Industry co.
1955 Tunnel kiln was installed as a firing facility. The production of acid-proof porcelain and floor tiles began.
1957 Nittai tiles were supplied to Tokyo Marunouchi Building,one of the earliest,most famous tall buildings in
Japan.Nittai tiles began to be known,and to be delivered to many places in large quantities.
1964 Nittai floor tiles were supplied to outdoor gymnasiums and other facilities related to the Tokyo Olympic.
1967 Exportation of Nittai tiles named “NITTAI EARTHEN”to the U.S.,Canada,and Australia began.
1969 Nittai porcelain tiles and floor tiles were supplied in large quantities for the construction of exhibition halls for the Osaka International Exhibition Fair.
1970 The name was changed to,ltd.
1971 Direct business dealing with Sears,Roebuck and Co. in the U.S. began.
1972 Business dealing with Sears,Simpson and Co. in Canada also began.
1975 Tokyo branch office was opened.
1976 Kajima plant was founded.Another tunnel kiln for oxidation and reduction was installed.
Osaka branch office was opened.
1977 JIS license No.477043 was permitted for porcelain floor tiles by ministry of commerce and industry.
1978 Import from Italy was began.
Nittai's floor tiles was used in Tsukuba University.
JIS mark was permitted on stone ware wall tiles and stone ware floor tiles.
1979 Office general management by computer was began.
1980 Gifu plant was founded.
1981 Import from Spain was began.
1983 Fukuoka branch office was opened.
1991 Fuki plant was founded.
1992 JIS license No.491035 was permitted at Gifu plant by ministry of commerce and industry.
1996 New main office was opened in Taketoyo-cho,Aichi prefecture as 60th anniversary.
2000 Masayuki Mizuno is inagurated as a president-director.
2001 Sapporo branch office was opened.
2003 Awarded regional prize by the Medium and Small Company Research Institute.
2003 Established a subsidiary company Nittai (Ningbo) Ceramic Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang, China.
2015 New showroom was opened in Tokyo.
2016 Celebrated the company's 80th anniversary.

New showroom was opened in Nagoya.
New showroom was opened in Osaka.