NITTAI Co., Ltd.

Privacy policy

Nittai Co., Ltd strongly recognizes the importance of personal information protection. Careful and appropriate handling and protection is a social responsibility, and we deal with these issues based on the following basic policy.

In this policy, personal information indicates information that can identify an individual customer, such as name, age, sex, address, occupation, company name, job, telephone number, fax number, email address, or other information provided from this website.

1. Use of personal information

Personal information provided by customers is used for the following purposes.

  • To provide customers with product information through company catalogs, pamphlets, etc.
  • To respond to questions, opinions, and requests received from customers
  • To deliver our products to locations specified by customers
  • To provide after-service and maintenance of our products

Personal information is used only within the scope approved by the customer.

2. Provision of personal information to third parties

Personal information provided by customers is not given to external parties without the prior consent of the customer, excluding cases prescribed by law.

3. Management of personal information

Personal information provided by customers and collected by our company is managed and secured strictly. Suitable information security measures are taken to protect personal information from loss, corruption, inappropriate release, falsification, and unauthorized access.

4. Inquiries regarding personal information

When a customer inquires about correcting, updating, or deleting their personal information handled by our company, we respect the customer’s intentions and take appropriate actions within a reasonable scope.

5. Receipt of inquiries

Personal information is managed strictly by our company and our business offices. For questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us using our inquiry form.